Dear AIGA, Goodbye.
Timothy Bardlavens


As a national board member and full-time community activist, the issues you raise are dear to my heart. I’m guessing I’m on the board because of my experience with community organizing and equity… but that might have been purely coincidental. In every talk I’ve ever given, the notion of the priority and urgency of the fight for equity takes cener stage—and I do mean “fight” when I say “fight”. I find myself evaluating every opportunity I have to swing away for equity—particularly racial equity—and thus find myself having to make the hard decisions about how my time will be best served. Recently, I’ve been doing what you are doing here. I’ve been retracting my energy from some really awesome people and organizations that mean well but aren’t moving with the same urgency I have. I suspect I’ll be stepping away from a few more as I focus my sights on where I can have the most impact. Because of my own editing process, I didn’t just now sign up to Medium to change your mind… I’m here to wish you a productive journey… I’m here to extend an appreciation for your poise and disciplined separation from the organization… and mostly, I’m here to greet a fellow member of a tribe we can never walk away from and say: I see you, I hear you, I’ve got your back, and I’d love to trade war stories with you so we can both better do the work we’ve been called to do. Here’s my contact info (spammers… don’t even!!!), 860 951-7782. Let’s get in touch and see if it would be meaningful to stay in touch.

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