Why I’m dedicating my year to Universal Basic Income
Stefan Hilts

Also, your three points, moral, non-distortive, easy to administer are spot on. I’d like to make a comment on the moral aspect because that is the one the I think must drive the movement.

Ever watched the TV series Downton Abbey? If not its sent around the World War I and is about the goings on in the household of an English nobleman.

It’s interesting because it shows the stark inequality between the nobility and the ‘servant’ class. What interests me is that not much has changed, it’s just not as overt as it was in those days. Just look at the living conditions of the servants and some of the ‘necessary’ haring and firing decisions that happen based on economics.

Just as slavery, child labour, the vote for women, institutionalised racism (Apartheid in our case), were at one time acceptable and evern deemed essential, and are now (almost) universally rejected, in 2016 there is simply no justification for people in wealthy western/first world economies living in poverty.

I am very much looking forward to your analysis of the practicalities. Good luck!