Richard Hoyt
Jul 20 · 4 min read
The Keystone State boasts more than two hundred wineries and one of its youngest is attracting a lot of attention for both exceptional wine and winsome aesthetic. Situated in the serene Lake Region of the Poconos, the Three Hammers Winery has blown onto the Pennsylvania wine scene like a zephyr. | Image: Three Hammers Winery
The Original 1820’s Farmhouse | Image: Three Hammers Winery

Owners Rob Kobrzynski and Christine Pucciarello | Image: Three Hammers Winery

Wine Wednesday Winner’s Circle July 10, 2019 | Video: Wine Men of Wednesday

Three Hammers Wine Bottles | Image: Three Hammers Winery

Richard Hoyt

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Richard is an independent writer specializing in culture and lifestyle, with a penchant for food and drink.

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