Day 3 — Choosing the Business Name #7DayStartup

So I’m on to Day 3 already, and this is supposedly the easiest day. Now I have a product idea fully formed; and know what it be at launch, it now needs a name. So today is all about coming up with a handful of decent names, and then picking one.

As part of my roadtrip, today I was travelling from Fife to Aviemore. First thing in the morning I really needed decent wifi for research. There wasn’t any at the campsite I was staying at, and my first attempt to find some failed. I popped into a nearby supermarket for some food supplies, and spotted they had a cafe with “free wifi” advertised. I tried to work in there but the internet was pretty much unusable, and it got very busy and loud. Not an ideal working environment! So I decided to head straight up to Aviemore and spent longer there instead.

As I got to Perth I was feeling a little hungry and saw a sign for a cafe with wifi. This cafe was bizarrely part of a huge outdoors store. It had decent food and coffee, and was nice and quiet, so I worked there for a couple of productive hours. I then headed off to Aviemore again. It was a nice easy drive but I’ve never seen so many speed cameras. These were the type that take an average over a number of miles, so I took it nice and steady and enjoyed the view.

I finally arrived at the campsite that was in the middle of a wood. The track leading up to it was exactly that, a forest track rather than a road, which was interesting. The place was absolutely brilliant and my favourite campsite so far. They only take 4 tents (even though there is space for double that) so it’s quiet. There was a big comfy shelter with chairs and tables, where I could work (yep, it had wifi all around the site). Just as all the site have been, the staff and owners were super friendly and showed me round. One of the best things was a “bush shower” where you basically fill a canvas bag with a shower attachment, and hoist it up a tree with a shelter around. I couldn’t resist and had to have a shower in it, it was awesome! If you’re ever in the area, do check out The Lazy Duck. As well as camping they have a hostel and some other accommodation too.

It was just the right kind of place to do something creative, like come up with a product name. I’d already thought of a few beforehand that I liked. I also came up with some others whilst driving, so dictated these into Evernote for later. By the time I sat down to work I had a choice of about 10 different names. Once I started checking to see if the domain names were available, I dismissed the majority of these as the domains were taken. In the end I was left with just a couple that I really liked, and could get both the .com and domains.

These were and I slightly preferred the WritingRitual one but decided to get some external feedback and posted the dilemma on Facebook. The consensus came back with as the clear winner (7 votes compared to 2) so we now have a product name. The domain names are registered, so now it just needs a product building to point to!

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