Lots of small frustrations can have a big impact

Over the past couple of weeks there have been lots of little things bugging me. If you took any of these in isolation then it probably wouldn’t be an issue. Add them all up together and it leads to feeling a little overwhelmed, and basically in a constant bad mood. Because this is made up of lots of things, then it’s really difficult to pinpoint the issue and be able to solve it. It’s only by getting all these little frustrations out there and written down (I use something called 750words.com for this kind of stuff which is also one of my daily rituals) that you can tackle them.

When you have a list of things you can prioritise them, and come up with an action on how to solve each issue in turn. You’ve then got a nice list of things to do which you “simply” have to work through. I realise that sometimes it doesn’t seem that easy, but by taking this approach really does work. Sitting there worrying about a load of things doesn’t help at all. Once you get started then you’ll usually find that the thing you were worrying about isn’t actually that much of an issue in the grand scheme of things. By dealing with these things one by one you’ve broken the overall problem (you feeling down and unproductive) down into manageable chunks.

As you go through your list then you free up headspace and you get even more focused on the remaining tasks. You’ll probably surprise yourself that the tasks you’ve been putting off, and have been a huge source of worry causing a lack of productivity, aren’t actually that bad. They typically take less time and effort than you expected, and you’ll have that “why didn’t I tackle this sooner” feeling.

Once you’ve gone through your whole list then you’ll feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. And surprise surprise, you’ll then feel happier, be more productive, and more focused on the important things you want to do ☺

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