New Year Same Me

Quick list of 15 things I accomplished and 16 new things to help me keep track for the new year.


  • Moved out to San Francisco, literally the last place on earth I thought I’d end up
  • Lived it up in Chicago and got crazy close with two of my homies John and David. Had some of the greatest memories here…
  • Got a job at Google
  • Saw Justin Bieber
  • Stopped focusing so much on how to make sure people liked me and learned to enjoy myself and started doing things for my own good
  • Finally bought my parents some legit Christmas presents with my own money
  • Accepted the harsh reality that I will never become a professional basketball player and I only have myself to blame
  • Had THE best Korean Olympics performance to date. Finally won a game which has never happened in Michigan history
  • Grew up faster than I could have ever imagined
  • Learned the importance of being open minded and less prideful. The importance of God in my life
  • Ended a 3 year relationship
  • Continued to follow my gut with important decisions
  • Got yatted… just kidding but I did get 3 tattoos
  • Realized that I have the greatest friends in the world and our relationship is going 14+ years strong.
  • Also realized that I have to start saving money for the 10+ weddings I will have to attend in my near future….


  • Do not be afraid to make mistakes when working/trying new things
  • Do one thing that scares me every month
  • Finish 2 books a month
  • Learn something useful
  • Read my bible and grow in faith
  • Go out of my way to meet new people and make more friends
  • Blog…. More….
  • Go on a trip alone
  • Visit New York, Boston, Seattle, Portland, LA.
  • Lift a total of 1000 pounds (Deadlift, Squats, Bench)
  • Call my parents and friends more
  • Never hit the snooze button
  • Using a physical calendar more to accomplish goals
  • Hike more and also alone
  • Stop being afraid of rejection and going for things that I like/want to try without hesitation
  • Most importantly slowing down and taking the time to appreciate God/Family/Friends