An Open Letter To My CEO
talia jane

A 25-year old has made an ill-advised rant which will live on publicly long after her opinions about work and life have matured. The sense of entitlement she has is wrong, and so is piling on with hundreds of condemnations echoing one another.

Instead of attacking Yelp, which appears to have been generously compensating her for an entry level job, Talia and others can direct their frustration to:

  1. BART. Remember the 2013 strike? The fees Talia was paying to get on a train are so that in 2017, the average gross pay of a BART worker will be 88k. Now, that’s a lot of rice. Their health care benefits probably smoke Yelp’s to boot.
  2. Strictures on Housing. San Francisco has a limited geographic space, and the housing stock is severely limited by a many political factors. Kim-Mai Cutler has written numerous thoughtful pieces on this subject. NIMBY=less room for a new generation.
  3. Most of all: Her college. If you’re not going to maximize short term earning potential with a STEM degree, a major in a liberal arts subject should have helped cultivate perspective, and read great works of literature about the human condition. I’ll take a wild guess that her reading lists were long on grievance and short on wisdom, and with an undemanding grading curve. She was probably at an institution fleecing her & her parents for money far beyond the value delivered. She was surely told for four years how great a degree would be for her earning potential: no wonder the commercial world is confusing.

Yelp seemed to have offered a meager but common starting wage with generous benefits, and Talia’s upbringing has led her to completely nuke it. Takes a village to raise someone that writes this.

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