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Thank you Chris Crawford for making my prediction come true. Before commenting on this article I told my wife what I can expect from a reply to mine. Condescending, belittling, dismissiveness, hand waving and basic bullying. This type of defense is well known and gives the writer a false sense of superiority. Chris, after reading the rest of my current post feel free to discuss my racial background, education level, diet, size of my nose or the fact I drive a fossil fuel vehicle and paint with the largest possible strokes. All this will accomplish is diversion of the topic from suppressing scientific papers of any kind for political reasons to I’m a poop head.

Over the years I have become very appreciative of Dr. Judith Curry. Before reading the climategate emails she was on the side of CAGW. Afterwards she described terms like “Groupthink”, “Echochamber”, “Suppression of true science” as a consencus practice in the climate science community. I recommend anyone wishing a nonpolitical view on climate science visit Climate Etc. at 
Here are a couple of examples from her website: What I don’t understand is why Michael Mann is threatening people with lawsuits over trivial things. I defended Mann against what I perceived as harassment by Cuccinelli, but what he is doing against Tim Ball and Minnesotans for Global Warming stoops to the same level. Whatever Mann’s motivation might be, this basically looks like “strong arm tactics” and “sharp practices” to squelch skeptical/critical voices. These kind of tactics from an academic reinforce the accusations made against our field as a result of Climategate.

Example 2.
An Australian university recently censured marine scientist Paul Ridd for “failing to act in a collegial way and in the academic spirit of the institution,” because he questioned popular claims among environmentalists about coral reefs and global warming.
What was Ridd’s crime? He found out two of the world’s leading organizations studying coral reefs were using misleading photographs to make the case that global warming was causing a mass reef die-off. Ridd wasn’t rewarded for checking the facts and blowing the whistle on misleading science. Instead, James Cook University censured Ridd and threatened to fire him for questioning global warming orthodoxy.

I believe scientific suppression in any form to be reprehensible in any form. Let the insults begin!

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