Thank you Chris Crawford for making my prediction come true.
richard kiser

Thanks Chris for your insightful response. You have brought a smile to not only my face but also my friends whom I work with to restore wetlands in Southern California. We have been able to help several others like you by facilitating a way to increase their self esteem through meaningful and productive work. Some have included middle age and old men with no social skills, no close personal friends or family, no love life and a life long history of unexplained pet deaths going back to childhood. Some who were always picked last for any type of teamwork proved to be especially hard to help but thanks to constant positive attention and proper mental care they were able to improve and become an asset to their community. I will assume that if you choose to respond and use terms such as: Hitler, alt-right, jews,always,never,97%,Al Gore, Huffington Post, email hack, fake news, tit sucking, Koch brothers, Bush I or Bush II that you are reaching out for help. We can assemble a team within 24 hrs. and begin a rehab process.

I look forward to hearing from you and help to save another pet’s life at the least.

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