Cryptocurrency Controversies

Craig Wright is forging e-mails, university degrees, handwritten signatures, pre-dating pgp keys and blog posts, plagiarizing academic papers, suing innocent people. He is a professional con man. His job is to manage crowds like an illusionist. He stole 4 million AUD from the Australian government… This will reflect very badly on your organization. If you host a con man without taking him down, you are an accomplice. If you expose a big audience to Ebola, many of them will fail.

— Bitcoin Maximalist Giacomo Zucco

Never before in our nearly 6 years of history, has been threatened…

At the start of every ambitious undertaking, you need a diverse collection of determined and dedicated pioneers to help lay the groundwork. The digital currency revolution is no different.

Ever since Bitcoin’s launch in 2009, the world’s most-proven, best-known, most secure cryptocurrency has been supported by devotees whose allegiance borders on and sometimes even extends into religious extremism. For many of these true believers, the Bitcoin blockchain is practically the only distributed ledger technology worthy of serious attention, and the famous Satoshi white paper that started it all is a holy script. Meet the Bitcoin maximalist.

The maximalist believes in…

Richard Kohl

Founder of Bitcoin Wednesday, the longest-running monthly conferences about the digital currency revolution in The Netherlands.

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