The Definition of “All You Need Is Love” In Trump’s America. Some Singular Moments In Time.
Steven Rouach

I have been following you on Facebook since your first article on Medium back in February, and in my humble opinion this is your finest to date! I am a true Beatles fan, and I know their story, but have never read it put more eloquently. And you are right — George Martin’s simple, brief act of empathy and kindness for a fellow human traveler tied in with the Great Karma Cosmic Wheel and changed the course of popular culture forever, and there is no standing down or turning back now. The gradual, systematic disassembling of the middle class and all things liberal here in the Country Formerly Known as America has to stop now, and we are the Chosen Ones. We have to protect our liberties and freedom for future generations from the evil scourge that is now in power. Rock on, Steven!!!