Trump Not Attending the White House Correspondent’s Dinner for the Same Exact Reasons He Never…
Steven Rouach

Nice work Steven! I think you really nailed this one! Benedict Donald doesn’t like being made fun of! The Angry Creamsicle has buried himself in a hole so deep with most of the press that even Steve Bannon’s Cult of Evil Insanity couldn’t conjure up enough demons to save him! (Not to be confused with Living Colour’s “Cult of Personality,” which is a damn good song!) I can’t decide which line I like more: He doesn’t like to be called “a stack of used condoms covered in Danny Bonaduce’s pubic hair,” or “He doesn’t like hurtful remarks about his bizarre appearance, his adult diapers or his drowning in the vast fathomless sea of his own insanity.” So take THAT, Adolph Twitler!

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