Why I like Vector Marketing!

— The first talk I gave at a Vector Marketing team meeting in May of 2006.

“Vector — A force of Influence. — A course of direction.
I like Vector because of all the wonderful people involved in this company. Without the people there would be no Vector. Without Vector I’m not sure where exactly I would be today. Vector has put a big influence on my life, I’m sure my parents have even noticed how much I have changed since I graduated from high school last year. The first time I wore a suit was at my high school graduation. It was alright to be dressed up the one night, but all the time that I was, thinking when can I get into some comfortable close and go out and party. So, when I first started with Vector I was a little unsure about professional business attire , but you get use to it. Now I love putting on a suit and coming into the office . The environment is so professional at most times, it makes you feel like you’re a professional.
I love the opportunity we have in Vector. The opportunity to advance, to make Fricken Sweet Money. The opportunity to do things for the First time. There’s no better feeling than doing something for the first time. I stayed at the Fantasy Land Hotel at West Edmonton Mall for the first time. I had the opportunity to see the Mountains for the first time, to fly in a plane for the first time, to travel to Calgary and Toronto for the first time and this summer I will have the opportunity to go White Water Rafting for the first time. I’m so excited for the summer.
I have met so many people and have made friends with many in our Saskatoon office as well as offices across Canada. Vector is an Experience unlike any other.
The contests we have with Vector are so unbelievable, we are in so many contests its hard to keep track of. Our weekly meetings are awesome, we learn so much and we have fun while doing it. With Vector you feel like your apart of something, and you are . You’re a part of a Team !!!
I like Vector because of the experience. No matter where my path takes me in the next few years. I will always have the Vector experience to take a long with me, and i’ll never forget it.”

I since have went on to have many more first time experiences with Vector Marketing and have sold a lot of Cutco Cutlery kitchen knives as a sales rep and Manager with the company. In Vector there is a saying, “It’s not about the knives, it’s about the lives!” Vector has definitely changed the way I view and approach my everyday life and I am forever grateful for the opportunity I was given at 17 years old.

So, if you have the opportunity this summer to join the Vector team in your city, jump right in and make the most of the opportunity! You will Learn, Grow and Dream and you never know where the opportunity might take you!

Vector Rocks!