Why I Put Some Ice on That Bern
Garrett Meyer

I read your article and I have to disagree with you. I was in love with Hillary when she ran against Obama. The problem is when she is held to the Sanders litmus test suddenly you see all of her shortcomings.

You ask why Obama was not singled out for his corporate donations. The reason is because he wasn’t speaking for them and receiving huge sums of money for those engagements. However, Obama did appoint a former Monsanto executive to head the FDA. He also appointed a former Citigroup executive, and more.

Hillary is on video saying we have to get people used to eating GMO’s. Not only that, she does not say how she is going to raise the money to do the things she wants to do, other than college. She is going to put college education on the back of the state, which means we will pay for it.

Hillary is not the candidate you should be supporting if you want a middle class to exist when you retire.