The End of the American Experiment
umair haque

America (as symbolised by the flatulent “Make America Great Again” Trump) is the expression, at the level of the State, of the Dunning-Kruger effect — burdened by the illusory superiority that arises when one’s critical faculties are not sufficient to evaluate one’s own stupidity.

The tragedy and paradox — and where I diasagree to some extent with the author — is that it is also still the source of some of the most gifted, inspiring, intelligent people I know, despite all that. They just don’t seem collectively to be able to reach escape velocity from the gravitational pull of the lumpenproletariat.

Systems that are ‘locked-in’ need an external force to get them to change state — some sort of epiphany. The spectacle of Nazis marching openly in broad daylight really ought to do it. But for a system rigged to implode, it’s much more likely (in my view) that an impulse will force it to change state the other way i.e. to cause its total collapse. Such a collapse is likely to be as rapid as it is unpredictable. I can see the US de-Federalising into an East and West Coast that have had nothing in common for decades, separated by the fly-over zone. Ironic, and worrying, on the anniversary of India/Pakistan Partition…

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