How To Answer “What Do You Do?” In Network Marketing

Number 1 — Don’t be all weird.

Keep it simple and don’t waffle like some people do… “I’m part of a multibillion pound lifestyle mission in 28 Countries…they already tuned out.

Number 2 — Remember Your Objective

…to get an appointment or at the very least referral.

You want to build credibility and curiosity just enough to have them wanting more…that’s it! So no slipping into presentation mode!

Number 3 — Did You Catch That?

They asked what do you DO not what is IT. If you simply explain what it IS you bore people and confuse them.

When you talk about what your company or product DOES you create emotional impact.

Exact Scripts

I’ve recorded some exact scripts you can use to answer the question “What do you do?” whether you are speaking to a fellow network marketer or a member of the public.

You can find them inside the full post on this topic over on my blog HERE