The Forgotten Americans

By Richard A. Mathews —

Over half a decade has passed since the Great Recession ended. Yet for tens of millions in America, their battle for survival continues.

The number of Americans depending on Federal Assistance for their very existence remains near historic levels.

Millions of children in America continue to go to bed hungry at night.

Economic growth is not expected to increase even 2% this year.

Over 68 million Americans remain in or are kept out of poverty only by federal assistance programs.

Over 41 million continue to receive nutritional assistance once termed Food Stamps.

Over 32 million no longer have the hope to even be considered part of our workforce.

Unfortunately, neither the Media nor our Elected Officials have the courage to tell their stories.

As composites of the Forgotten America, let me tell you of your fellow Americans who became part of our current Voter Rebellion.

Let me explain why they no longer trust our Federal Government our elected Officials.

Your fellow American once lived the American Dream enjoying Retirement.

A life time ago, they thought they had prepared well for their Golden Years.

Then the Great Recession occurred and wiped out their nest egg.

The Federal Reserve’s actions crushed their savings returns.

Washington granted them no COLA increase three times.

Those healthy enough to work found few viable options.

Then they lost their doctors and Medicare Advantage.

They do not know what they did wrong.

Your fellow Americans were once striving to be part of the elite 1%.

Yet those aspirations were destroyed by Dark Forces.

Many lost their careers during the Great Recession through no fault of their own.

Many more saw their dreams crushed in Federally approved mergers.

Many watched in horror as their company moved overseas.

Perhaps worse, their plight holds no public sympathy.

Few pity the once Rich and Famous.

They do not know what they did wrong.

Your fellow Americans once achieved the American Dream.

A life time ago, they owned a business.

They employed people, paid taxes, raised a family and voted.

Today they earn a fraction of what they once did having lost their business.

Or they have become part of the underground economy working for cash with no benefits.

They do not know what they did wrong.

Your fellow Americans once lived the American Dream

A life time ago, they earned an honest living in our manufacturing / industrial sector.

Over time, they enhanced their income earning promotion.

Their union contract secured excellent benefits.

Their productivity justified their cost.

Then everything changed.

The plant first downsized then eventually closed.

Too old to do what they did as a youth, many applied to SSDI.

They do not know what they did wrong.

Your fellow Americans were not always living in Poverty.

They became enslaved by regulations and red tape.

Once they too were living the American Dream.

But the loss of a partner changed everything.

For some poverty arrived with a job loss.

For some it was the cost of illness.

Yet for tens of millions, the ladder leading out of poverty remains out of reach.

For tens of millions, the very regulations and eligibility standards intended to assist our nation in need continue to enslave them.

They do not know what they did wrong.

Your fellow Americans once strove for the America Dream.

They studied and earned high academic achievement.

They took out student loans to prepare for a career.

They interned learning their chosen profession.

They graduated with great pride.

Then they could not find a job.

Our underemployed millennials do not count against Official Statistics.

Yet it is upon their shoulders America’s future prosperity truly rests

They do not know what they did wrong.

They voted for Hope and Change.

They will not be fooled again.