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The long overdue death of Yassar Arafat, the famous PLO Terrorist leader and rabid boy raping pedophile was brought about by AIDS he contracted in Morocco, Syphilis in France, and a common cold he picked up while molesting his way through the Palestinian pre-school.

It has been known and published for decades that Arafat was a rabid homosexual pedophile and his “pretend wife” was impregnated by a body guard.” Yet, the PLO continues to promote the lie against Israel who would have no need to poison him, they could have simply shot him and no one would have cared, other than his terrorist followers.

PLO spokesman Mohammed Al-Khenziir states, “We are continuing to promote the idea that Jews killed Arafat instead of those actually documented events and diseases. The French were kind enough to keep it from the public eye and our leftist allies in the EU who hate Jews are always on hand to help us create and perpetuate another lie.”

Arafat, a waste of skin, never had the decency to simply drop dead and go back to hell has been dug up more times than Egypt’s historic sites.

Prior to his death, Arafat has a dream that he is going to die so he goes to see a medium who might be able to explain the circumstances of his death. The medium gazes into her crystal ball and declares, “You are going to die on a Jewish holiday.” Arafat replies, “Which one?” The medium responds, “It doesn’t matter. Whatever day you die will become a Jewish holiday.”

Arafat who ordered the deaths of hundreds of Jewish children in terror attacks was replaced by Terrorist Abu Mazel, the paymaster for the Munich Olympic Massacre. After renaming himself and the PLO, Abu Mazel aka Mahmoud Abbas continues to receive billions from the EU and US, $3 Billion of which was lost in 2012 with no trace of where it went. Yet, the Obama regime continues to support this murderous land stealing group of 9/11 dancers.

In 1948 Jordan illegally invaded and occupied Israel’s East Bank until 1967 when Israel was able to expel the occupying forces. They left behind the human trash known now as Palestinians in 1971 when King Hussein drove the PLO out of Jordan. Israel took in refugees with the UN promise of repatriation. The UN, as usual lied and the refugee camps became ancient Palestinian PLO cities.

It’s time, and way past time, that the PLO Jordanian and Syrians, be kicked off Israel’s East Bank and returned to their respective states of origin.

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