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’Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the hood
Every one of them darkies was up to no good
Their forties were tossed on the lawns as they passed
And the moonlight did twinkle as it shone on the glass

The children were up, way past their bed time
On the porch, while their mommas all smoked-up a dime
As the moms hit the pipe and passed it along
The babies all cried, ’cause their Grape Drank was gone

When all of the sudden, this car made a screech
While rounding the corner on the dimly lit street
The ho’s all got off, their fat ***** with haste
And left the poor babies, as though they were waste

Just inside the door, they all looked out in horror
For the crack rock kept burning, and they didn’t have more 
When what should appear but a ten-year-old beater
With 40 inch rims, that just couldn’t be sweeter

They all started wailing, “My baby’s out there!”
But open the door, not a one of them dared
The bullets were flying, and the babies were crying
As one, then another, began silently dying

Rashid, and Darnel… You been shot in the head!
Hey Tamika… yo’ Wanda… is both a y’all dead?
They quickly decided, on a plan of attack…
And sent Aunt Rwanda to go score some more crack

When the cops finally came, not one person would talk
As detectives drew outlines on the porch with their chalk
Just another night in Chicago, as it would appear
No reason to spoil their holiday cheer…

For Rwanda came back with a Christmas surprise…
An eight-ball of crack, and semen-stained thighs
As they tore up a Chore Boy, and stuffed it inside
They all vowed to get tats of their kids who had died.

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