When it Comes to Flight Attendants, Why is the Media so Sexist?
Heather Poole

Should you ever get support for testing the “environment” you work in and the impact of the uniforms on that environment, be sure that it’s done at cruise altitude in the same vintage aircraft you serve in. Far too many people don’t realize that chemicals from the propulsion system and the aircraft’s duct-work end up in the low oxygen level (8,000' cabin altitude) environment they typically fly in. This only serves to amplify any adverse effects from the chemicals off-gassing from the new uniform. Testing done in any other environment will not accurately duplicate your working environment.

I bought a jacket once that come to find out was made in China. Even after multiple passes through the laundry, and hanging it outside for several days, it still put off terrible fumes. I ended up trashing it. So this issue is real.

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