Every Damn Day

Trump is attempting to inspire patriots into hooligans by claiming there is a conspiracy against him. There is a conspiracy alright it's called sanity. We welcome our republican brothers who have joined the conspiracy of sane person's.

Trumps tactics reek of McCarthyism. Accusations but no proof and a list unsubstantiated denials. When proof is manufactured by this Circus of the Extreme it never passes the sniff test. Only 3 weeks till Trumps appointment with the ash heap of history. He will cry rigged elections see fraud every where and scream for recounts. When you are losing ground it is everyone else's fault but yours.

He may attempt to entreaty the Supreme court to intervene on his behalf, wrapping himself in the flag in order to “rescue democracy”. The Supreme Court itself is a victim of conservatives losing touch with the changing dynamics in American society.

Where conservatives cannot win with numbers they strong arm discriminatory legislation in order to maintain in control. A Hurricane recently devastated parts of some east coast states. The governmental infrastructure will be hard pressed to present voters with a credible opportunity to register their choices. In 2 states Florida and North Carolina it took the power of the judiciary to force their respective state governments to extend the registration period so all who chose to do so would be able to vote. Not to mention those citizens who have challenges getting to the polls and my need assistance in proving their right to vote. Every one was not born in a hospital.

We must treat Trump gently preserve, remember and teach about his campaign. It must be taught in schools as an object lesson as to what Democracy in these United States is not and must not ever become.

The McCarthy Anti-communist hearings of the 1950’s faded from our memory. Here we are in 2016 and the same type of rhetoric, unfounded accusations has reared its ugly head. That must never happen again. It is a very important object lesson and part of American History to be remembered and avoided. People need to do some reading about those 1950’s McCarthy hearings. Tell me what you find it should scare the hell out of you. Trumps tactics aren’t New, just old crap in a new suite.

Trump has admitted one of his mentors was Roy Cohn a consul for the sub committee in the infamous “McCarthy” hearings. His advice to Trump never apologize. He has demonstrated that well learned trait throughout this campaign.

What is scarier still, he has incorporated elements of an earlier political party started almost 100 years, 4000 miles across the Atlantic, Hitler's Nazi Party.

I condemn the bombing of a Republican Party office in North Carolina. But i personally have a trickle of doubt about the authenticity of that attack. Democrats don’t bomb racists headquarters they bomb our churches and meetings. We don’t threaten or beat them up at rallies they attack us. We have not seen anything like this since the 1960's “weather underground”. There would be no better way to garner support than feigning an attack to make themselves appear as victims. It reinforces their claim of their campaign being violated. It also sets the crazies in their movement to seek justifiable revenge. There is no up side for Democrats to engage in such behaviour. We radicals have matured. I may be wrong but it just does not pass the sniff test.

I have been a reader of history all my life and the scariest thing i could ever imagine is to see and hear what some of my college Profs warned us about unfolding in front of my eyes in reality. Sorry i did no mean to preach but i am just sick of hearing that damn name every damn day. I think i’ll not watch the news this morning.