Police view Black Men in the same manner as a slave owner did before 1863. If Police departments across America desire better relations and co-operation from the Black community that conception must change. The incidents in Dallas and Baton Rouge are warning signs. There are hundreds of thousands of young black males with the military training like the shooters in the above-mentioned incidents across America. When Black men return from previous wars they were warned to take off the uniform of the country they served with pride. Some black men were even hung for continuing to where their uniform. These men want to live their lives with respect and want to be respected. It must be realized that some individuals will not endure much more before their combat reflex coupled with anger over police treatment induces them to do terrible things. If law enforcement is not held to the letter of the law they will no longer stand by and do nothing. Trump is the bell weather trying to return general attitudes to a more repressive time. The NRA wants to be sure everyone has the opportunity to own a gun. Tell me what’s wrong with this picture?

When some one dies while in the custody of law enforcement authorities, when law enforcement shoots first and deescalates afterwards, when their weapons are back in the holster: some things must change. As much as citizens have an obligation to co-operate with law enforcement, law enforcement has an obligation to protect all citizens most of all from themselves in emotionally charged situations the police attitude that killed those individuals in Minnesota and Louisiana precipitated those incidents in Dallas and Baton Rouge. But with that those unqualified law enforcement officers must be vomited from the enforcement's ranks. A family has the right to expect their police officer husband, wife, father, brother, son or daughter to come home at night. As I want to hear my Black son and daughter return home to their spouses, I don’t want to receive a call about a mistake made by enforcement officer who thinks with his weapon first. Black lives matter most to us because law enforcement has demonstrated Black lives matter the least to them as they go about the business of securing the peace. Black men have an obligation to respect others and the right to have that respect returned from all institutions across the board no one on either side is exempt.