This Tastes funny?

Once again the fourth estate maintains its defining silence as the truth gets another ass kicking from the pretenders of Democracy. But I will focus and pick one fight at a time.

It was W, Rumsfeld and Cheney whom stirred their stygian caldron and gave birth to the “Frankenstein” of Middle East policies. It now stands swaying in the sectarian winds refusing rectification. It is the “Ebola” of foreign policy. Rumsfeld and Cheney came up with the shock and awe campaign that went off the rails when they removed the best Iraqi military leaders who also controlled the bathist political party. Took away their jobs and cut off their political power. Now along comes Isis recruiters who do you think they’ll support and happily crawl into bed with?

It was W, Rumsfeld and Cheney who decided to do more with less and refused to deploy troops along the Afghanistan, Pakistan border to trap Bin-Laden in the Torah Bora Mountains. This allowed Bin-Laden to slip into Pakistan and gain protection from factions of Pakistan ISS apparatus’. This delayed the dispatch of Bin-Laden by years and cost lives.

Just so you know it was George W. Bush who occupied the white house at the time not Barrack Obama. Obama was elected because the stygian caldron bunch could not quell the rising tensions no matter how many Americans they sent to die on the other side of the world.

Obama has made his mistakes but there is not the amount of blood on his hands as there is on the hands of W, Rumsfeld and Cheney.

Now Trumps comes along looks into the caldron and extracts an amnesiacs dream, revisionists’ history, and the fourth estate drinks the Kool-Aid stares into the bottom of an empty cup and says “this tastes funny”. Does the Elephant never forget? Or does it have Alzheimer’s?