Should you learn another language after a coding boot camp?

Should you learn another programming language after taking a coding bootcamp, Honestly i would say yes. There are plenty of reasons why you probably should. My first reason for saying you should is because boot camps basically give you a solid understanding of what your capabilities are as a programmer. Not only that but you also gain some core principles about programming, like how a particular language is structured and its functionality, what that language is best used for. Another good reason is once youve learned one language you then have some knowledge to build on. The biggest reason I would advice learning another language the unpredictable nature of everything and of course technology which changes every day, so in order to evolve with the technology you must learn ways to program across different platforms i.e Twitter, uber, At&t. A great example is the fact that the language you first learned could go obsolete, like who still types with a type writer? No one, its now just a program that is incorporated in every computer you buy. A study from freecodecamp shows that for different tasks different languages are preferred. For instance javascript is one of the most popular languages in 2018 but this may only be true in junior positions, some of the more senior positions java is the more popular language. In conclusion I would highly recommend furthering the knowledge you gain from a coding bootcamp.

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