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Rob Beachy · 

There was another world leader who crafted his message around a new kind of nationalism that blamed all its woes on immigrants, people of the wrong religion, and promised that he was going to make them great again. He also made himself appear as “one of the people.”

This leader had a Bannon too, but his Breitbart was called “The Attack,” with the vitriolic hate and racism of Breitbart that would drive propaganda to a fever pitch, promising greatness, a new nationalism through militarism and getting the country back to work.

Bannon spins lies, fear and hate every day including saying Trump won the popular vote too, but the media is lying and you have to believe Trump.

Like Bannon, he created huge rallies, inciting violence against those who were different in race, religion or creed.

Trump says that an era is over and now prosperity will reign as did this paper hanger, and then 80,000,000 souls (nearly 4% of he world population then) perished in World War II.

Paul Joseph Goebbels was a Christian, like most of today’s conservative republicans who helped lead the extermination of Jews and homosexuals and immigrants called the Holocaust.

Bannon is no different, just of a different era, like Jeff Sessions, a racist who lies when his life has tattooed him with the truth of hate and racism.

All you need so is read his own words. All you need do is look closely and the nationalism that created Hitler is the White Nationalism that created Adolf Hitler. 
Just the names have changed. Trump — Hitler, Goebbels — Bannon, Jews- Muslims, and some haven’t changed…homosexuals, handicapped, immigrants, blacks.