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One of the greatest sources of consternation within the iOS development community is the age-old design pattern, model-view-controller (MVC). Such discussions usually involve disparaging references to MVC as “massive view controller,” talk of how it lends itself to making missteps like wiring up business logic or data management code directly to view controllers, or the need for maintenance-heavy architectures in order to combat the problem, even in the case of low complexity domains.

A key reason for this is that within the iOS community, MVC is commonly understood as an app architecture. Apple has sustained this belief in many of its webcasts and tutorials by using MVC as just that, but of course they often need to for reasons of expediency in a teaching context. So that might be forgiven, if Apple didn’t also present MVC exclusively as an app architecture in its very own MVC documentation. …

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In an article published earlier this week, Jimmy Song presented a well-reasoned argument stating that Bitcoin will continue to be the dominant cryptocurrency owing primarily to its deeper network and greater level of decentralisation versus other cryptocurrencies. These aspects no doubt give Bitcoin a leg up against other crypto assets, but these two things alone are not enough to ensure Bitcoin’s continued dominance.

The Network Effect

Let’s deal with the easy one first. While being the first mover and the network effect surely confer considerable advantage, these are also benefits that can be undone. The lead could one day be closed by players that deliver a better product with greater stickiness. The tech industry is replete with such examples: Facebook was not the first social network, Google was not the first search engine, and Amazon was not the first online marketplace. Before these products stole their leads, they had competitors who possessed much more firmly entrenched networks than any of these now-dominant parties. …

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The last several weeks dealing with Vodafone have been a lesson in abject frustration. What has been a drawn out fiasco of repeated calls by me, admissions of fault by them, and their total incompetence at rectifying the situation, has now culminated with Vodafone issuing me a £20,721.78 mobile phone bill. This despite every call centre agent I speak with telling me that this is clearly a billing error. As it turns out, it is one that I simply cannot effectively protest or rectify. What fun.


I have Vodafone WorldTraveller added to my account, which is an add-on whereby for £5 a day you can use your UK minutes, texts and data while abroad in a number of countries. …


Richard Rauser

Software developer and techno-tinker based in London, UK, focused on mobile and social software.

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