Two questions, then.
the Search for Self

Hey there… Erm… Search for the Self :D

Thanks for your questions! I want to start by saying that the answer to both is “it depends”. Everyone’s situation is different so it’s impossible to give a “one-size-fits-all” answer.

However, I don’t think answering your questions should be a problem since it doesn’t seem like you disagreed with anything in my letter. So here goes:

1. Living far from work in a city like NY shouldn’t be a problem since (at least from what I hear) the public transportation is great (compared to somewhere like LA for example). Living in a small, dense city like Manhattan does have its perks.

My main goal with this letter was to eliminate commutes because they’re a waste of time/ money. But if you take the bus/ subway I think it’s fine (I don’t know the exact prices but I’m assuming it’s nothing mind boggling). Bonus points if you ride a bike.

2. These are all different. Let me explain.

If you carpool instead of driving you get bonus points for saving money, but nothing for improving health.

If you take a bus/ subway you get bonus points for saving money, plus bonus points for health.

If you ride a bike you save ALL your money AND you’re getting healthier with each pedal.

In other words, all these options are better than driving your own car. Which one you pick depends on your specific situation.

The ideal situation is one where you got a job and THEN picked an apartment nearby so you can walk or bike every day.

I hope this helps :)

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