Hi Richard , thanks a ton , for these thought provoking letters .
Nirmalkumar Sugavanam

Hi Nirmalkumar,

Thank you for this message.

It sucks that financial systems in every country are each their own puzzle (left for the citizens to solve).

I’ve found people who cracked that puzzle here, at home. In turn, this allowed me to learn from them and summarize their teachings (in this series).

However, unless you live here I cannot tell you exact details on how to achieve financial independence.

What I can do, is give you the universal principles:

  1. Stay away from debt.
  2. Save as much money as you can.
  3. Invest your money so it multiplies.
  4. Once you have enough, you don’t need to work anymore.

These principles don’t change.

What changes are the questions that I unfortunately can’t answer for you (Where do I invest? How do I save on taxes? Which companies can I trust? etc…).

I’m sorry I can’t give you details. But hopefully knowing this broad view will allow you to fill the holes in yourself.

One tip: Find someone (or several people) who retired despite living a normal life and working a normal job, and ask them how they did it (or find that information online).
That’s all I did.

Best of luck.


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