Oh, please don’t worry about the length of your response!
JoshCBergant (Vans)

No need to be more succinct, as I said I can talk about this all day :)

Especially when you talk about a world where “the oxen might need shoes, and might be able to understand the advertisement (an anthropomorphic oxen perhaps), therefore spurning a seminole and burdgeoning industry of large cattle-derived shoe making.” We might be onto the next big fantasy novel here.

“We can imagine a world without advertisement in any sense, and consider them inescapable, because the term can be broadened so greatly that it loses the typical and contemporary definition.” I agree here. It’s also why I said I’m not against all advertising (it’s only negative when it becomes self-destructive for the consumer, which in my opinion most of it is, hence my post).

But let me stop here. Since I started writing my reply, I just found myself copy pasting several parts of your text and adding “I agree, I agree, I agree”. So, to keep it simple (and short) I think we agree on everything.

This is what happens when I have nothing to add (it feels odd). But thank you for these messages, lots of food for thought for future readers.

All the best :)

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