Loving this series!

Thank you for your compliment, Jax — should I say Jax or JaxNika? :)

You did hit a touchy subject.

I’d use Adblock sparingly, let me explain:

  1. Some of my favorite sites only use Ads to survive, but all I do is disable Adblock for those sites (Reddit will never see an adblock from me).
  2. Other times, ads are annoying (pop-ups!) and that ruins what otherwise is an enjoyable experience. So I block them.

As for the amazing content providers who are paid through advertising, as you saw I give credit where credit is due. I’m one of the 1.5M people paying for YouTube Red (out of a billion users). I personally think paying the fee is a better option than ads.

I know my solution isn’t perfect. But I think clicking “skip ad” or watching annoying ads over and over again (or being constantly tempted to eat a juicy burger), is also not the right solution.

I don’t have the perfect solution (apparently the Bitcoin people do), but it all depends on the individual. If ads don’t bother you and don’t tempt you to spend money, by all means keep them. If on the other hand they’re hurting your future, fight back.

I hope this helps!