From Adventure to Narrative — To Travel Within.
Photo by Richard Karlsson

A neat appendix on what testing oneself really means and what scales of impact it process.

“I am just building an ark of somethingness, that happens to be Dogs, something that allows my soul to surge and endure through my hectic murmur of creativity and entourage for future means. In my world, all the intense hours I spend with my team is a time of self awareness and deep meditative state of belonging. I have never felt the same way with other passions or creative expression I’ve got through the years, and I have a theory on why it is this way. At the same time as I create an archetype Dog, are the very same Dogs creating an archetype me. This is passion in symbiosis play, the construct of something for something, the qvid pro qvo of collaboration or higher aspects of dwelling.”

This quote is from last winter when I was guiding a family from England whose experiences with animals was deeply rooted inside of them.

Everything I do is part of an adventure, from thought to action via communication, navigated with an adventurer spirit and isolated in a ‘borderland excelsis’. The same way goes with my obsession in manifesting a greater world, a world worthy new discoveries by and for greater humans. That’s partly why I embarked on my new adventure; Empatherra.

Life for me is to involve, build, design, indulge, and inspire myself to become the best version of me as possible, if I then have the chance to give same opportunity to other humans, leaders and entrepreneurs in a world where people struggle to keep their nose over the surface, I am more than thrilled. The same time it can be quite rewarding, it also can be very demanding. It demands me to fall deeper into discipline and vigor, to enjoy each moment of the adventure to its fullest and to convey the best result forward. This regardless if I am talking about an arctic expedition with a sled dog team or to create learning spheres for greater thinking for my role in the future of humanity.

Self discipline and to self organize is crucial if I want to manage toward and through adventures, big change or improvements of any kind. I need to learn who and what I am in new ways, ways I have never seen before and I need to feel safe in my uncertainty while wandering any alienated landscape of very often vulnerable character, because this is what the adventurer do.

I have spent awful lot of time with my team of dogs in the arctic, out on harsh expeditions in environment few would dream on spending more than a couple of hours in. This is what drives me, to seek the core of my undisputedly human limits, to caress the fringes of what I physically can take and my ability to view my event horizon from a different clarity perspective of what I am and subsequently what you might be too. I am not saying it is impressive what I have been doing or still doing, but it is my way to instill authenticity more strongly in myself.

Photo by Klas Sjöberg,


The dream aspect of life, for me, is to execute things into manifestation that somehow tells me about our human possibilities and values. The ground breaking aspect to know self is to spend intimate time with self, learn the idiom well and to communicate in a prosperous and salubrious way via channels that inspire me to engage with my surroundings and not conquer them. It’s like a soul excavation handing me the greatest treasure there is; myself.

Someone need me to convey my meaning back to myself before I am ready to embark on futures endeavors and great adventures can lead to great recognition of oneself and by such elevated events reach districts that keeps my own mysteries well hidden, as mysterious aspects of myself that with tremendous impact reveals a tangible epiphany on who and what I am. By getting more synthesized around my role as a self-leading individual, as a conscious being and most prominent loving human, the challenge becomes obvious; to indulge a self-organizing persona that relearn what authentic means, how compassion feels and advocate for the highest empathic wisdom needed.

Gradually when I become more curious about my map of life and how I master it, I become determined, I can see what is missing and what is needed for our human values to become viable and more reachable, or actually to be reinvented in a more clearer form so we all can feel safe, even in our uncertainty. There are no guarrantees we as collective will get there, there are no timespan telling us when we will become enough future ready or intelligent as loving community but there will always be our forte to know wisdom and we have the opportunity to part with such mission and to assist in getting us forward to shores of possibilities. To get there we need to honor one another, realize there are many roads and rivers to the light and we all have our own way to get there.


Just remember, there are no quick ways to self recognition, there are no shortcuts or magic formulas (or mushrooms). All there is is my own attention, dedication and focus on becoming more aware of what I am and agile in what to become. It is a life show with both glamour and drama, sadness and joy. Perhaps the hardest lesson is to admit the simplest of teachings as true and instill a real selflessness and honesty toward ourselves; the greatest gift I can give myself is the permission to be real.

I admire the people around me, people near and a far, from all over the world, whom share a passion and obsession for goodness and love , who distribute their soulprint to others seemingly effortlessly — you are all true inspiration for a planet in need. Many of you work with me on experience level in tourism or in the field of sustainability, on spiritual level and also frenetically designing your part of the great transition, a work which is pounding deeply in my heart.


‘I perform public and personal dialogues on communication, creative businesses, sustainable and altruistic management and on personal development via profound experience. I invite a new dialogue in human communication and inspire people to invest in real value that is in congruency with what we are.’