How social responsibility fosters emergence of memes that overshadow human growth, and how this can be improved.

(Image by Kareva Margarita — A young girl with responsibility to protect the small hedgehogs from the large carnivores, could be a metaphor on how we need to protect the planet and humanity from own behavior and system narratives that wreck havoc in our life systems)

Ever since we were young kids, we’ve been taught about the importance of being responsible and decent friends and members of society. As young kids, we didn´t know where this would lead us and perhaps more important; what really lies hidden behind this meme? This is a follow up article from a recent publiched piece on facebook.

First of all I would like to prompt that there are no wrong in teaching our children about society as on how it operate and is manifested today, let them play their way into knowledable humans and understand this perspective of the world. Yet, there are several other domains that need to be upgraded in our current learning domain. Those domains are enforced together so our children more easily can find their authentic selfs and how they are connected to the world around them. This can shortly be explained; to move current reality framing of a static and mechanical worldview (dense) to a dynamic and living worldview (light) with recognition of deeper responsibility as result.

Hand on heart, what do we really know about responsibility?

A crispy October morning outside Stockholm, a friend of mine attended a meeting at a primary school, he is deeply engaged in the school situation. Amongst many other things, they discussed the purpose of homework and one good reason with homework — in which everyone could agreed upon — was to teach our children to take responsibility. At first glance, it is hard to disagree with such dictum, why would you? But when the discussion continued something happened, the fact how it also became obvious how principals, teachers and parents interpreted responsibility only as a tool to become a decent citizen who would manage to keep a job without getting fired and finish any given task that society will demand from them — within the constraints of social norm. Such an approach to a complex part of life is easy to challenge, not the truth in it if only using parameters and perspectives offered in that sphere of alternatives, but I challenge the sustainability from such thinking and would even name it one major behavior and reason why things go on as usual in the world;

with today’s system we anchor a more egoistic mindset or consciousness, instill an archaic, rational and a blend of deterministic and dualistic worldview in our children, far away from true progress. There’s hardly anything in the memes created by society, in which direct our children into freethinking empathic resonance, that teach them a holistic worldview with human value(s) in forefront, instead they are being rewarded to embrace an ego influenced mindset. Responsibility, in this form, is not to create a society in which purpose and mission would be something so radical as to “eradicate the continuously distribution of inequality and poverty”, refuse same in their world, and instead practice pro-social teachings and higher ethics, in which would be very much a winnable approach to entrench awareness in our youth and give them tools to evolve this planet further. Responsible, in the term how society sees it, is not equal to learn how poverty has been created and what we can do to overcome the same. The truth that this is a global trauma, that we are both held responsible for how things look today, how we maintain status quo by same repeated behavior via consumerism, increased production, lower salaries for the ones in need..etc…etc, is not something we teach our children. Such historical frame analysis simply is in fact as ignored as it is recognized and understood. What also is missing in the picture; is how we are targets under our own narrative radar, with worse discernment and ability to interpret and perceive the world around us as result. The sadest truth is the fact this is not even considered something of value or even to discuss at the meetings.

This is ignominy. Especially in times like these, with all the knowledge possesed, installed within us today and from hundreds of historical records, in a culture with so much informed humans and with so much financial and emotional muscles to actually make a change happen.

What deeper intention lies behind the reason society and its community members strive to see self responsible children take form? To turn them into custodians that keep the “growth as usual” meme proceeding and even advance? To turn them into reliable taxpayers, consumerists and number one contributors to the inequality we witness here on earth right now ? (very real and undergoing scenario) Well, as obvious as it is, not only through a decade of deeper studies on the field myself, but as stated above; also by the very words from ordinary members of our community.

If you mention the challenge from such perspectives, you are being targeted as someone unrealistic since it interfere with how the social norm defines “reality”. It goes so deep within the western culture, that the reasons behind our current world situation and where it derives from, is something being totally obscured behind a pseudo historical lore and deterministic worldview. A worldview so “naturally” instilled in the social narrative, empowered through the rise of each new canonized empire, conveyed to the people from same money requesting powers that fosters it. ALAS, this makes it common sense to defend that story, and even feel proud while doing it. The truth is; such fate is sealed by ignorance, not enhanced by courage.

Today, we utilize very insufficient and dysfunctional training tools for our children to organize and discipline themselves around. In a world built around complexity and natural systems we need more intelligent solutions to offer our children, i.e. We need to give birth to new tools, so next human versions can tackle future social, economical, political and technological challenges and become ready to harness what yet hasn´t been harnessed; the emergent Anthroposcene in which the evolution of society and the technocratic era holds the biosphere in its claws. This society and how it dance in a fictional metamorphosis and untamed way can be operated and must be informed about in ways that make it obvious for young humans that they do have a larger impact and responsibility to care for. We need to teach our children meta-interdisciplinary methods to think beyond borders regarding science, philosophy and religion and them between, see how diversity really are connected and how we relate to the natural systems on the planet not the artificially made ones. We need to take responsibility and become — as Erle Ellis, an expert on the Anthropocene at the University of Maryland stated;

permanent shapers and stewards of the biosphere and the species within it.”

How do we become greater paragons for future generations to look up to?

- If we could imagine ourselves as individuals separated from how todays societal systems are framed and more as capable designers of improvement — we very much invite alternatives and true development thinking in our field of perception.

- If we stop being afraid of criticizing man made, artificial and mechanical systems and instead see same criticism as a proof we are thinking and caring beings — we definitely are on the right way on working with our truest nature, and not against it.

- If we allow ourselves, even for a second, to envision ourselves as creators of the world we participate in and as community members with a much deeper responsibility — we undoubtedly serve a purpose with prosperous meaning to end the hunger games conducted by the narratives of western politics and mainstream development.

- If we could pay attention and distinguish the deeper meaning behind the systematic linguistic frame, the memes we follow and trust so heavily to be the linchpin and template to represent what we interpret as reality — we would expand our perspectives, gain intellectual freedom, learn new things and see reality for what it truly is.

- If we could encourage future generations to imbibe a self responsible way of thinking, seeing themselves in the real world they live in and not only a responsibility to behave according to the rules from society — we would pave way for a more equipped youth to mantle any future challenges.

A short draft from a theory of evolution of the thinking and sensing human, a tool for the educational and development sector;

“In a world dominated by a deterministic worldview, with constrained ability for humans to make a change and dreadful austerity when it comes to improve life standars for whole population on the planet, new systems are needed to transcend this threshold and give our species something new to follow, at least in the transition phase.

The genome of a meme

When it comes to human complex systems and the evolution of ideas; “juvenile emergence” can be explained as if two individuals out of ten in an organization or tribe develop a new theory in which the others yet find plausible or somehow understandable due to unexercised complex thinking or stored compatible information. This can be evolved into a “ripe emergence” with help from evolution of same idea and if it reaches critical mass of acceptability. This, since the timeline of the idea or theory has an inbound maturing process that might affect others as well during the time of its existence and if the growth of the observers/receivers say so (growth of consciousness). This is how emergence can be considered highly involved in human consciousness and how assumptions of any kind has a timeline in which they become more or less obvious as assumptions (eureka moment), in other words; an evolutionary maturing process to grow and be synthesized within the group it evolves to subsequently become patterns from collective emergence. Ideas, in this sense, has this inbound ability to transform realities, if the purpose of the idea say so, and if we use another term it could be explained as a metamorphosis of perception and the genome of memes — very much alive. In an evidential historic context and with measures from experience, this can be turned into reliable and coherent systems of change (…) This theory explains ideas as living organism who need to be treated with deeper understanding and discernment”.

To gain such collective awareness around the idea of humanity, we need to expand the collective ability on pragmatic competence seen from a linguistic point of view. Teach one another about discernment and unfold in ways that represent reality in ways more honorable and true. In the relay of life; the true start-up culture begins with how well we motivate our children and that we pass a baton in their hands that is more well-deserved and inspiring to accept and for them to carry onward. We are required to allow our future generations to experience the best possible, because in the long run — experience is all that matters.