In The New Renaissance of Work and Education — Soul is the Measure of all Things.

Like in the great era when “the thought forge of man” was begotten to humanity, when the institution of academia was introduced amongst the knowledge thirsting crowd and when questions where found as important as wine and bread — He said;

“man is the measure of all things”.

I find this quote from Protagoras amusing and accurate at the same time, hence for me soul is and forever will be the measure of all things; reflected in the stars as creationist big-bangs of unconditional love beyond relativism, separation and perception and with a deeper meaning than simple perspectives. Soul, for me, is the container of morality, our identity and what makes growth a meaning in a chaotic world or sandbox of infinite teachings. The agnostic part of Protagoras did not believe in an eternal soul but in the eternal idea of the unique “man” and the outcome of myriad realities which fit very well in soul measurement as well.

I do believe there are thresholds to climb regarding the relativity of man, our instilled beliefs and entrenched perceptive skills, molded our identity since early childhood via education system and society. To tackle this obstacle means to sacrifice the imprints of beliefs, separation and reductionist thinking, to invite infinitism and make room for a renaissance of colorful alternatives to bloom — the harmonics of mind, spirit and soul. The canvas of life is ours to complete and the art is imagination transformed into liable and functional realities. Today’s analogy or zeitgeist of growth and development can emerge with a more holistic and laid back approach and with a broader lens to view life and whole of creation through. This allows us to cast of the shadows from old entropies and enter an era, a new renaissance of man with evolved creative spaces former known as the educational institution and the workplace.

What is interesting to witness today is the fact that philosophy has found its way closer to earthly expression, closer to the human heart, moved its way out of the fine halls of thinking or stone temples, sneaked out from the saloons of esoteric kind and pushed itself out in the streets and in to the workplace … needed… wanted, and very much appreciated. We see a transformation of businesses and organizations adopting a version with philosophical and spiritual body to their frameworks and guidelines.

Management today has found a romantic way on how to think more agile, act upon the glory of a more aware situation that involve something bigger instead of trusting the reality-as-usual and transcend the root system narratives by natural selection of higher meaning. This creates domains where esoteric aren’t esoteric anymore but rather an idiom to extend and categorize the possibility of honorable work in sustainable ways and in expanded spheres of belonging as organization or business. In this way organization becomes organisms, the fungi of interwoven communication and charity, very personal, with heart, soul and spirit and something that is part of a natural community of greater design with inbound values that matters and a new taxonomy compatible and organized…. not shattered anymore.

The most beautiful thing about this is the fact that the garden that grow from such installments is most likely to be cared for and the flowers more in blossom. We can — in such open and nurturing spaces — find ways with less fight over the weeds and focus to screen and actually ‘see’ the eloquence of growth in its beauty, as it should be. The maturing process of any organization is what organic growth means for the garden. The new era is one of ecosexual kind where we wholeheartedly engage in our relationship with homeland earth and start viewing it with gratitude, partnership and interconnected meaning between human, animal and plant.

The new workplace we are welcoming is a living organism, a garden of tranquility with soul as body. We learn to move away from hierarchical governance and the stressful environment where markets. are equal as battlefields, into a gossamer of networks and tranquility. I wrote earlier, a year ago, about our collective transformation and the historical leap between current paradigm and the nova paradigm — the shift of human consciousness.

The Embryo need our attention.

It all revel in oneself. To tend the garden means to tend for the soil, the root system, the very foundational and original aspects of new processes;

Start-up culture has its roots in primary school, not in business offices or entrepreneurial cultures, and if we want to see the rise of a new era, a ‘Renaissance of man’, we need to hack current educational meme.

Before we enter higher education (or not), the primary school, where kids in an early age starts to repeat what the teachers want them to know instead of learn a manner in which they repeatedly revalue situations and what learning means is all about. The problem is that few really know how and why learning could be fun and good for us, it’s rather a fulfillment, a status and achievement to be best at a specific field (paradox). I’m happy to be able working on this field at our kids school in this very moment, to inspire a more meta cognitive approach for the kids with subjects never seen before in school, if this will succeded, we will see. The cogwheels of this machinery needs lubricant and we can inspire unique cells (schools) to embrace more imagination and see where it leads us. Hacking the educational meme means also a lot of emotional turbulence, not only regarding the fact it involves so deeply the life’s of our beloved kids but also all the teachers whom also loves our kids, and struggle big time in the system themselves. So it is draining and uplifting at the same time.

There are no rest for the wicked minions. The misfits whom, in its own appearance, is a tangible sign something unique has been activated.


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