On opportunity spaces, and to frame higher purpose in resonance dialogues.

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“We should embrace ourselves around such campfire, with narratives similar as flames that warms us, not burns us and we should compose stories that empowers us, not weakens us.”

The “zen” on being future fit invites a freethinking expression, an admired and delightful reality, collapse and rise — from mindforce to heartspace and the true meaning and struggle on being a purposeful human.

In earlier writings I have mused on the phenomena on how we humans perceive and interpret the world around us, why we discern and evaluate things the way we do and why it is good for us to sharpen our thoughts and extend our horizons to obtain more meaningful perspectives. I have also written about the importance of being “in the zone” of wellbeing with purpose, prime influence and being brimmed with passion for what we are doing. To be a purposeful human means to experience uncertainty, anxiety and social unrest along the way. In this writing (read ranting) I will swim with the corals of visionary aspects of soulism, self observance and narrative creation, aspects of life-dynamics I have felt deep passion for for some time now. That is the major reason I developed Empatherra, a vortex of creative progress and a motivational source to inspire toward thriving future communities with focus on human seeds, our new generation. I also ponder the terrain of soul dialogues, rhetoric, framing messages to fulfill the intention behind it and not only ends up as “food for thought”.

“The myth of separation is not only a meme in circulation, an ancient story narrated by a deep swimming micro-ego, yet also a true reminder in the age of development; to hold our breath under the surface of our subconscious mind never really served us well”.

Have you done your visionary workout? Have you to attend your personal mind agility sessions lately? Have you bestowed upon yourself the freedom to interlace disciplinary methods between often suggested obvious, with the unexpected and through experience transcend your thoughts, instead of always trust the automation from your subconscious ?

I know, it sounds difficult and perhaps even boring, which makes it unattractive and not a priority for humans to embark on such mission. Yet, the truth is; you become the borders once you create your own limitations and how you view the world. The myth of separation is not only a meme in circulation, an ancient story narrated by a deep swimming micro-ego, yet also a true reminder in the age of development; to hold our breath under the surface of our subconscious mind never really served us well.

As we integrate what we feel are missing on how we been conducting our lives and the world around us so far, into a nurturing system undergoing historical transformations, the hard work is to ensure it make sense for others as well. This is perhaps the greatest attempt to shape connection bridges in human history, with this said; we need to be wise when building such constructs, hence we want ’em all to pass that bridge willingly and safe into the open arms of the future.

It becomes more and more clear that humanity has started to observe itself with new eyes, eyes that see with new perspectives and with a new found clarity and an angle drenched in positive aberration. This newborn abilities allows us all to analyze what’s been going on in our history for real, to feel what is needed today and to communicate with the future in very sophisticated ways as timeless clairvoyants. We as community are slowly starting to recognize our own part of the story or actually that we ARE part of a story that affect us all and has impact on how the world respond and appears before us. We no longer see ourselves separated from other human beings and the world as whole and either liberated from responsible manner to ensure this enterprise prolong to exist.

The new narratives we write and tell need new questions to merge side by side the complex systems of human life in which entrench human values. This will turn them into impact narratives for a world in need and create a population in congruency. The world is ready for such statement from us, it is ready for the eloquence of improvement to thrive and it definitely has become an obligation this happens.

Photo by Kareva Margarita

Positive narratives not only has the inbound ability to become prophecies for a worthy future, inspire us to become better at being real, but also vitally significant for our overall condition and how we evolve and what type of environment we establish for us to evolve within. We should embrace ourselves around such campfire, with narratives similar as flames that warms us, not burns us and we should compose stories that empowers us, not weakens us.

To frame such work is to unzip a leverage of messages that make clear sense for the reader on what is needed. To give other humans the opportunity to learn more about their true nature, the basics of life, why things have developed the way they have done so far through historic events and how to provide comfort in their own contribution to the future narrative by knowing what is needed to be changed from the old one; a comparison between the obsolete and the mature.

This is about overcoming or harness thought biases, instill a self-dialectic that resonate progress while learning more about our fundamental nature as spiritual beings under growth and let go of social heresy. Hard work for sure, rewarding…. undoubtedly.

It has a lot to do with creating opportunity spaces, a condition where we can rest in improved creativity and expand the design of life into functionality and progress without interference or disturbance from current system thinking. I try hard to avoid using a comparing rhetoric when seeking to inspire others, I rather instead try to uplift the possibilities, the questioned anomalies that obviously for me can improve human condition. This is a resonance rhetoric with kindness and love in its voice and we need more of that dose, more humbleness. I must admit I sometimes fail, this due to my eagerness to avoid complicated and for me worn out paths in any discussion. An example on how to build communication that empower others instead of weakens them;

Comparative rhetoric

The difference between free thinkers and system thinkers are the concrete fact that free thinkers are independent and don’t wait for the system to evolve the possibilities on how to think while system thinkers are depended on the system to tell them what they are allowed to think and how to do it, hence create.

(Quite judging …)

Resonance rhetoric:

A freethinking human being are independent, he doesn’t wait for the system to evolve its possibilities on how and what to think, he doesn’t wait for “green light” and is not limited by guidelines from any system to provide a comfortable way of thinking, hence create.

(Holds an essence of upliftment and encouragement instead of judgement, to innovate innovation with a new style of communication in an era filled with possibilities.)

In a recent article I published, I mentioned how to “be in the zone” of wellbeing has helped me to tap into such learning and creation spheres more easily; with passion for the process — find whatever makes your heart satisfied and your mind silent. This is what opportunity spaces is all about. The rhetoric we use will determine the outcome of given messages, to frame a message by reasoning dialogue is one method to reach the stage that harmonies with larger number of listeners.

From a discussion I had some time ago with a fellow human, he dropped this very common line.

“If everyone thought and acted the way you do…the world would look so much different …”

In which I had to respond.

Me: “You see, that’s a powerful statement… yet with double nature, a conclusion of prosperous kind, a reasoning that encourages active choice and a call for self discipline; to be the domino, start mimic and follow whatever seek to improve human condition… no one will accuse anyone for doing so, for becoming the director of a greater story.

With the right attitude and approach, with less resistance, the odds are much higher that we will be able to apply sustainable changes toward something better, than if we embrace an attitude in which we face world challenges with an under-dog attitude or frame ourselves in ignorance that are not even prepared for or have made space for an alternative and sustainable change to occur or even be real.

The same applies if we see ourselves outside of the world arena, as spectators, which to me is totally unacceptable and even imposterous to use as an excuse to acclimatize and liberate oneself from responsibility. This is the second nature of that statement.

The only perception style we truly can change is our own, no one else’s. We can make impact on others and influence others by changing ourselves, changing our inner management and the language we communicate can inspire others to change, but we cannot change people by pure determination or by waving a magic wand in the air. To expose ourselves with such pressure is way too heavy burden to put upon our shoulders and may even be fraudulent against our kind.

We have responsibility as thinking beings to make decisions based on the knowledge that we as individuals also do have the ability to make difference.”

“Wow, how do you do to put everything in right order in right time?”

Me: “I only talk too much. Reflection, I’ve spent awful lot of time with myself, creating opportunity spaces or spaciousness for possibilities to take form and hang around with… and rest assured, it’s damn fun”.

In times of rapid change we need to be able to improvise, be dynamic in our thinking and narrative creation.

We need to transform with our transformation and transcend our traditional journey, be prepared to change management constantly, and like the zen monk, focus on each given question accurately and leave any assumption at bay that doesn’t fit our wardrobe of perception anymore. Such work demands our sincere willingness to collaborate and gather the tribes in learning spheres, create space that provide like-minded to ask real questions, questions to be treated with respect and curiosity and always invite others to join those discussions.

In such learning spheres, we perform and learn faster and even better with more love for the wisdom we hold. We can articulate a narrative based on a dynamic culture of prosper questions that matters and are very much alive, constantly evolving and that is greeted in hearts of humanity for real and not by force as current ruling narratives have been conducted.

I feel a new trend emerging quickly (or been in the loop quite some time now) when talking about designing creative spheres, in which no longer the objective of story telling as stories only, we rather seek to revel in story telling with a meaning and purpose to sustain human progress and value. The future ready human are looking for greater narratives with almost immortal statements that encourage them and respond equal to what they want to engage with. We want to hear the echoes from other likeminded, deciphered as same arebico vibration as our own, in our own image reflected in the cosmic mirror. In times of uncertainty we perform better in happy tribes in congruency and it is exuberant joy, a contagious narrative and spreading it further is a bliss — a remedy in times of need.

The reward is infinite; gaining new metaphors, new super tropes with new stories, a profound relation to our imagination, an assembly of greater archetypes to be advertised for, greater actors who execute greater plays, a benevolent creation as only agreeable reality and primarily; a recognition this is real and that wisdom very much are applicable in our daily life, this is healing big time!

Free thinking is liberating and bestows a “kickback” of wellbeing upon us.


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