To learn new ways on how to learn (or how to define learning) and how we think in new and different ways from what we are accustomed to, is to practice self-discipline.

It is time to go back to school, back to the crime scene where it all started, but now with useful and profitable learning dimensions that strengthen us as humans. It’s time to jump on an education cycle not seen in academics or the traditional framework of education.

No, it is time to align heart, body and mind with new organic system thinking and existence. At least in my world, how about yours?

The flow of information in today’s society challenge us to utilize a distinct focus and a willingness to break free from its hypnosis. It’s about resilience and to avoid what no longer serves us and our planets progress.

No matter what being said about the information that media feed us with, it is obvious we need to evolve beyond the essences such messages hold and take responsibility for our lives.

We have a choice to create persistent algorithms and strong firewalls that only allows entry of intelligent evolved data that are in accordance with what we are.

The most positive aspect of this is that as soon as it has been created, it can be mobilized into cultural hubs of collectively greater thinking and coherence. This is how systematic change and organic networks. perform as best and how we revalue the purpose of systems as organic parts of our lives.

Life is similar to a chain reaction, in biology for example; our physical bodies are made up of cells that split into more cells etc.

Also our consciousness are embedded in what could be called a ‘chain of growth’;

What we learn will follow by more learning (expansion) and new approved functions on how to think more sustainable and efficiently — if our intention says so and if we allow it to happen.

This metacognitive mechanism helps us to control our cognitive chain reaction by using the gift of free will. What I mean by this is that we choose what we learn (and how we interpret learning), and why it is important to even learn about learning.

What we create and communicate from those learnings is how narratives are being born and molded into huge cultural influences.

Narratives are not necessarily good or evil. They can be both. What is significant about narratives are that they involve you and me in the process. As John Hagel stated;

“As a result, they’re (narratives) a powerful call to action, emphasizing the ability that we all have to make a difference. If you want to move people to action, narratives are a powerful way to get people off their sofas and into the streets.”

Perhaps the grandest narrative ever created are the one of imposter kind, in which create a wall between two beliefs;

The debate between creation and evolution and the constant battle between faith and science;

If there is a God? If there is absence of God(s)? Why are there religion? Why are there resistance against religion? What has science to do with evolution? What has not science to do with evolution?

This occupy humans from being completely aware, because such narrative is infinite and without prosperous meaning, it is sinister and it diminish our ability to take ownership of our true potential. We need to be aware that narratives tend to get stuck, shape us in its form and then let us do its work.

We need to imagine a narrative that harmonize with human dignity and values. With visionary intelligence we connect the dots by using our imagination (something not yet born into manifestation), our purest intention of thoughts and communicate it into existence. This allows us to become better versions of ourselves and give birth to greater narratives or yet unrealized metanarratives.

Ideas are also built on a chain reaction and so are information (or the spread of information), our opportunity and responsibility lies in our hands to deliver things into existence that only harmonize with an organic and mindful reality. A reality where the process are sustainable for both human and planet as whole.

The narratives I speak about are the game changing power we so much are in need of and that resonate of abundance and compassion with wholeness awareness.

it is essential that we break free from any cognitive biases. The narratives that strengthen such thought patterns are not sustainable. One example of unsustainable narratives are the political narrative. Such narrative is influencing people to divide themselves into groups that battle each others, to protect and defend oneself from threat and danger, instead of designing unified spheres of collaboration and coherence it creates separation and the belief we need to attack before the enemy attacks us.

This narrative creation consumes itself by consuming people, is very often driven by war and supreme command, it wears a masque of chaos that wreck havoc in planetary ecology and on social environments. In extreme cultures like this, we need to shift focus and start operate from a different sphere, one sphere of awareness.

The drive in businesses today is very often similar to politics; to be ahead of others and win the battle before it even started. This game of win and lose, where peace means reloading your guns, is pushing people to the edge of self control and self worth;

People become products and have trouble to self organize and mobilize due to the fierce pressure that tells them to perform and support back to the same society that consumes them. The pressure is beyond conceivable measure and what is needed is new narratives that influence toward life methodology with more organic and meaningful purpose(s).

The first time the idea of ‘Empatherra’ took form I visioned a ‘snowball movement’ where businesses could thrive in a prosperous analogy;

A community that unconditionally invite collaboration toward coherence and with deeper meaning;

Find purpose in inter connectedness with sustainable and altruistic processes and vision;

To involve and use abilities that empower human progress over time.


‘I perform public and personal dialogues on communication, creative businesses, sustainable and altruistic management and on personal development via profound experience. I invite a new dialogue in human communication and inspire people to invest in real value that is in congruency with what we are.’

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