(Tuva — Ancient Siberian shamanism, photo by Vera Salnitskaya)

My main theme when speaking about human progress is about communication, self empowerment and prime influence as tools to create better stories in life. This work can be expanded into narratives that engage and involve others in enriched ways which are crucial if we want to see impact from our individual story for the betterment of humanity and planet. Why am I addressing this? Because today it is more urgent that we get our shit together, become self responsible and self organize around things that really matters more than ever before.

That said, I suggest that by practicing on ourselves first, challenge our perspectives, extend our horizons, transcend repetitive behavior, reconsider how to think and reframe ourselves in a world we live in for real, we will gain a new profitable awareness qua a profit unseen before.

For an example; have you ever tried to challenge your worldview(s), learn more about it by viewing your own view style from different angles and with new perspectives overcome the narrowness of what seems as common sense?

Does it make sense? I hope so…

“Sustainability has somehow been identified as something to strive toward and to achieve rather than live by, embrace and heartfully adopt as a human obligation in its purest form.”

To challenge current political narrative and unidentify ourselves from it is not bad for us but rather a symbiosis of awareness and heartfelt sensations which tells us something is wrong with how our lives are being stratified and herded into a state that lack of perspectives, under very fluffy clouds and greenwashing memes, framed in political apologetics that are obscured behind a linguistic masquerade, dressed in “we are and we’ve always been on the right path, we are progressing well and if we keep on doing what we are doing the usual way we will conquer any world challenges”. Urgent challenges becomes something we can eradicate in the future to come by “sustainable development goals” and not a responsibility to execute immediately after knowing the truth and the seriousness behind it (not really a unicorn report in this case). With today’s paradigm we repeatedly leave all challenges for future generations to handle. Sustainability has somehow been identified as something to strive toward and to achieve rather than live by, embrace and heartfully adopt as a human obligation in its purest form.

Ask yourself questions all the time, questions that challenge things the way you always seen them, it is by doing so we transcend ourselves, learn for real and expand our awareness.

The true challenge is to see why challenges occur the way they do, how they dress, why they are orchestrated the way they are and also why they seem to get stuck without real progress evolving beyond them. This craves us to observe ourselves more closely and to challenge the way on how we perceive things in life, revalue how poverty and inequalities bloom, where they derive from, why they are here in the garden at all and frame the “cui bono” that drives it; who benefits from it?

Why is poverty existing?

Why is it so important to endorse the growth meme?

Is it necessarily bad with growth and is it necessarily good? Can we change the patterns of the growth meme into something with real value and harmful progress?


How can these poverty narratives and growth memes, after centuries of disinformation and absent progress, still slip through and be accepted, even rewarded and honored?

You’ve never wondered why this constellation of world leaders never performed or still don’t perform better on world arena than they do? Why they never try harder, with all the so-called gathered power, the arsenals of finance behind. organizations like United Nations and EU? Have you ever wondered why small groups of humans, non-profits and caring individuals perform better result than all the political muscles together who are put in place to make sure the people should not need to do that work for them, at least cooperate together to get that flame dancing? We know why it happen to be the way things are. We also know why we need to change management and create a love story, a narrative more worthy humanity.

Honestly. Isn’t that a fair game, more fair than the current game, don’t you think?

Slaying the poverty meme is to first see and overcome the cruxes behind. the same, what created it and to gain perspectives on its narrative creation, the faults it carries and the hostage effect it uphold:

It’s very crucial we put things in perspective when looking at the political process, dissect its narrative closely and what is endorsing it to keep on going the way it does.

“The political process is not driven by imagination. Because it is at its core a money requesting process, it is driven by those most skilled at requesting money. In my experience there is a vast distance between these so called leaders and imaginative innovators.”

(Inspiration, David Wilcox)

Anything that is requesting money and growth will also create deeper inequality and poverty, if being executed the usual way, the unimaginative way. The usual way is the way that created poverty, the motherhood of inequality and ignorance conducted from ownership that has escalating since the colonization era some hundred years ago.

If you became aware of that poverty and inequality is created, a man made narrative and very much applied for change and subject for change if change is wanted. Would you then ask yourself why nothing has been done within the world political arena to solve this challenge?

More fundamental;

would you wonder why not a single attempt have been made to admit all the atrocities and mayhem that been put upon humanity and planet, why no apologies been heard from the “peers” who run the show?

Henceforth we cannot accept a role as abettor of current paradigm, even if we believe we are doing good, with pure intentions at heart we need to criticize our own thinking. What is needed is our thoughts and actions to evolve on how we see responsibility and that lack of same becomes a progress of non sustainable character.

This is definitely a collective trauma for whole of humanity, instilled in the core of ordinated “unbelonging” and need to be treated like any trauma; with repeated ventilation, clarification and powerful healing via encouragement narratives and acceptance of vulnerability. It’s about time we tap into a new type of intelligence, the one of spiritual kind and start paying attention to the power it holds.

Here and now, for the future in progress and not as a goal driven by passivity and “do the best we can as usual” methodology.

Peace, over and in!


‘I perform public and personal dialogues on communication, creative businesses, sustainable and altruistic management and on personal development via profound experience. I invite a new dialogue in human communication and inspire people to invest in real value that is in congruency with what we are'

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