The Bernie Sanders I Thought I Knew Is Gone
Sasha Stone

Uh-huh. And let me ask this…how would you know what Bernie’s followers have seen in him? Sounds to me like you’ve always been a Clinton supporter, and Establishment Democrat to the core. Sorry…”Republican Lite.” This article doesn;t read like someone who ever followed Bernie or supported hi message. It reads like a centrist, apathetic Generation X’er who’s so comfortably entrenched in her political identity that she refuses to see the shortcomings in her own group.

Yes, I was a Clinton supporter back then, too. Hell, my mother (a union president) RAN his Central Florida campaign both times. I’ve met Bill and Hillary twice. So at least I can honestly say where my alliegances were in the 1990s. But then again, the Clintons were only “progressive” by the standards of the time. Square in between Reagan and Bush. Yes, there was an emerging Progressive movement, but you’re lying to yourself if you contend the Clintons were ever part of it. They’re centrists at most…which I’m sure is fine for you. Assuming the average of extremes being the correct position always has been a central fallacy in your generation’s thinking. I’d chalk it up to the basic apathy and laziness you practically made into a religion.

I hate to be the one to tell you this, but apathy and laziness are the LAST thing our generation can afford right now. A fact made plain as can be by Bernie’s overwhelming support among Millennials. And that’s REALLY who your criticizing, isn’t it? “Oh, you bunch of spoiled brats…quit crying about your “revolution,” and accept the permanence of political and economic establishments. It’s all pointless anyway. Just take what you can get or whatever.”

Which, again, would be wonderful…if it were an OPTION for us. Unfortunately, unlike you, we didn’t get the luxury of coasting on our parents’ success and consumerist economy when entering adulthood. We don’t have the option of becoming professional slackers. We have REAL problems, which MUST be dealt with. Like, yesterday. We have no jobs. No money. No industry, no infrastructure, no political representation and no hope for our future, or the future of our own children. It’s not that we don’t want to take the easy middle road you have. It’s that we CAN’T. Thanks in no small part to you, and Generation Slacker.

So, do us all a favor…save your preachments. Save your crowing over Clinton, and your disparagement of Bernie. You’ve got nothing to be proud of, and this is nothing more than putting off long-overdue systemic change for another four years. It’s four more years WE have to spend suffering, as the weight of your favored Establishments’ greed crushes us that much that much flatter. In a few years, I doubt you’ll be feeling quite so righteous about yourself. So, enjoy crowing while you can…you’ll be eating that crow soon.

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