Hmm… Corporate Media Now Turning On Antifa As Police Militarization Increases
Caitlin Johnstone

I’m not sure what is going on anymore, but i agree with you that something is up, they seem frantic.

As for the media turning on antifa, i think they pretty much had to, people running around in masks, with mace and flame throwers and shields? How can anyone (but especially the left) support this?

Charlottesville is too convenient for the establishment. Right leaning sights are all over it (reports of the car being set up, reports of kkk and blm getting off the same 5 buses , etc), why isn’t the left looking at this incident with as much scrutiny, suddenly now we believe corporate narrative? It looks like a false flag, it is being used like a false flag…

The only thing that is holding this establishment together right now is that half of this country hates the other half.

Wake up sheeple.

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