“Did You Know” Facts about Traditional Plum Pudding

Plum pudding or Christmas pudding! Since this Christmas, these two terms are driving me crazy. So I couldn’t but help myself and did a little research on this topic. As a result, I found some fascinating facts about Traditional Plum Pudding that I want to share so that you can share is as with starting with the phrase “Did You Know???”:

Naming History
Plum puddings are actually “plumless”. Main ingredients of a plum pudding don’t include any plums. Question is, then why are they called “plum puddings”? Long story short, a long time ago dried plum or prunes were used for making desserts like pudding, cake etc. But from sixteen and seventeen century dried plums have been replaced by dried grapes or raisins. The ingredient has been substituted but the name remained the same.

Behind the Scene
The Christmas cake is made at least 4 weeks before Christmas and sometimes before one year. It’s usually stored by hanging it with a cloth in a dry place. There is a day called “Stir-up Sunday” when every member gets to stir the pudding and make a wish. The day is 5 weeks before Christmas on or after the Sunday before arrival.

Play of luck
The Christmas cake is stirred with different elements which individually refers to something special, like tiny wishbones for good luck, silver coins for wealth, a ring for marriage etc. In this game whoever gets the elements upon serving the pudding, are the lucky one.

Now that you know the interesting facts about Traditional Plum Pudding, you can order it from any fine food wholesalers for any occasion to give a classic flavour and don’t forget to share the facts you just learned when serving.

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