A good set of questions from my instructor at One Month. (onemonth.com)

My instructor posed to the class, these 4 questions….

  • What is your objective for the next 3 months? = To learn HTML…at OneMonth.com and then to learn Ruby.
  • What is your objective for the next 12 months? = To get a job in tech and be the person between the end user and the developers. Hopefully I can help explain to developers what users want and they can tell me what’s possible. I look forward to their ideas just as much at I do towards the user’s ideas.
  • What did you learn in these past 4 months? = I learned that I want to dive deeper into tech and coding by making my own web app. It would be something simple, but that shows I have a basic understanding about web dev. I did make a very simple app already… go here to ilikebars.com and refresh your browser…something will happen!!
  • What will you learn next? = to learn HTML and how to code my own app..both the front end and back end.