Taking The Swastika Away From The Nazi’s

Adolph Hitler and his Nazi Party were in power from 1933 to 1945; a mere twelve years. Should we continue to let him own the swastika for eternity?

Doing so gives Hitler power from beyond the grave that he should not be allowed to possess. With the greatest generation and the number of survivors from that era dwindling and soon to be extinct, perhaps the time has come to take back this symbol of hate and return it to its prior historical state.

The swastika symbol has been around for thousands of years and existed as a representation of good and well-being long before Hitler adopted it. In eastern cultures it still lives today as a sign of goodness. Instead of banning or shunning it in the western hemisphere and keeping it in the shadows, The Phoenix Foundation proposes that the time has come to once again embrace it and bring it back into common use.

Banning or shunning this symbol is exactly what gives it the power to threaten, incite and intimidate. White supremacists and modern day neo-Nazi’s take it out of the shadows and place it on the doors of Synagogues and Jewish homes or on gravestones of the deceased. The good people of the world hold the power to take the attraction of that option away from them.

This can be accomplished with courage, conviction and time. If we stop giving them the response they are attempting to generate, their motivation will weaken and eventually cease to exist.

What if society collectively decides to embrace the swastika as a symbol of peace, love and understanding? If we display it courageously and ubiquitously, we can disassociate it from those twelve years and redefine (or restore) its meaning. Surround it with statements and actions of peace and love.

If we do this and constantly reinforce it; then a hundred years from now, Hitler’s power to use it to strike fear into the Jewish population will be completely eliminated. The days of Hitler and his followers’ ability to employ it as a symbol of hate and intolerance can be relegated to a brief time-frame and an important but merely historical reference.

This is not an easy task and the goal will not be accomplished in the short term. A hundred years may seem like a long time — but compared to eternity, it is a very short span.

“The Phoenix Foundation of Boston, Massachusetts has taken the first step in this difficult but worthwhile process. Today we propose adopting this symbol we call “The Wheel of Life” as our logo. We would like to use it as a representation of a desire for peace, love and understanding within our families, our neighborhoods and our world community. We invite feedback from all interested parties regarding this proposal.


If you see a swastika in a place where it was intended to represent evil, we suggest that instead of removing it, you surround it with these three words “Peace, Love, Understanding”. Doing this will take away evil’s power to use it as a weapon of hate. Over time, evil will realize that the symbol has lost the power that they hoped it would retain.

Who has the courage to join us in this effort? If you do, consider placing it on your own front door. Let’s take it away from Adolph Hitler and his followers.”