Bernie Sanders And “The Resistance” Slink Away On Syria
Michael Tracey

This is a very biased article with a lot of personal opinions. Not journalism and most definitely an opinion piece. You are saying “Shame On Bernie for holding Trump accountable to come to congress”. Furthermore, you are saying he needs to have a stance as if exploration into the situation is a terrible idea. We all know stances greatly affect a run 4–8 years down the road. He’s asking for more information instead of blindly following political lines. I leave you with this, which I stand behind him 100% on.

“The Trump administration must explain to the American people exactly what this military escalation in Syria is intended to achieve, and how it fits into the broader goal of a political solution, which is the only way Syria’s devastating civil war ends. Congress has a responsibility to weigh in on these issues. As the Constitution requires, the president must come to Congress to authorize any further use of force against the Assad regime.”

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