Minimalism? Turning 37? Never felt happier? YES to all of those!

So tomorrow I turn 37. Crazy. But I couldn’t be happier. Last month my landlord told me he needed to sell the unit I’ve been renting in PDX. Sad? Maybe. I thought, oh I’ll buy the place! Nope. Even though I more than qualify lenders won’t led because of condo restrictions in the city. Typical.

So…what to do…rent at some crazy price to live in a box, barren unit? Buy that houseboat I’ve always dreamed of? I could build that tiny home-but, alas, no land available. This part of the journey-what I do next is still tbd.

In the meantime, I’ve sold everything. And when I say everything, I mean all but my clothes, a towel, a pine cone from NC and a can opener. I admit, I’ve always tended toward the minimalist lifestyle but this is insane. Crazy. Unheard of in my circles. And I AM HAPPIER THAN I’VE EVER BEEN!!

So tomorrow, as I celebrate the passage of my time here around the sun…37 times that is…I celebrate me. I celebrate freedom. I celebrate this journey.

Tomorrow is a new day!