Amendment to the Faith Schools motion (F16) at Lib Dem Spring Conference
Chris Ward

I would passionately support this motion and would be happy to stick my name on it — although as I will not be at conference (I’m quite a passive Lib Dem if I’m honest), you may want to use me as a reserve!

I think that wider ‘religious and cultural education’ is desperately lacking in our schools whilst ‘religious instruction’ has no place in a state education whatsoever.

Currently I’m battling with my conscience relating to my 6 year old. On one hand, I don’t want to inflict my atheism on her, I’d like her to make up her own mind on theology — to which end, I avoid discussions of this nature, probably better suited to discussion when she is a bit older (I’m thinking 10 or 11). This is difficult however when she comes home from school making christian statements and presenting them as fact rather than opinion. I try to explain that ‘mummy and daddy do not believe this to be true’ but in doing this, I effectively undermine the authority and intellectual reliability of her teachers in her wider school experience. I also don’t see what actual benefit she receives from the religious instruction or what the purpose of it is — surely any child with religious parents will receive adequate spiritual sustenance in the home without affecting my child’s education? Essentially, it feels like she is being brain-washed and my liberalism prevents me from intervening! I have been very conflicted on this issue for some time……

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