Why I’m short Ethereum (and long Bitcoin)
Tuur Demeester

I think this article was well written and I respect your position. Currently I’m about 50–50 on eth and btc. I do not think eth competes with Bitcoin directly although indirectly it is taking about 1b of market share. Ultimately I believe Bitcoin is still a huge gamble and I believe that currently the leadership of Bitcoin is contentious. I’m not sure bitcoins leadership has the right attitude to solve the issues challenging it. I am however hopeful that they’ll get it together.

What I like about eth is that it’s ambitious, and they’re not afraid to make significant changes to how ethereum works in order to meet those ambitions. I’ve listened to dozens of hours of interviews with Vitalik and I know from those that he is young, maybe even inexperienced to some degree — but he is genuinely brilliant and I’m willing to risk half of my btc holdings that’s he’s going to figure it out.

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