Okay so couple notes:
Lauren Parker

First, thank you for taking the time to respond.

You started the conversation. The extent of your advice concludes with “die alone” which I do hope you understand why that will be rejected.

Your statement of “when is it okay to treat a woman as a sexual object for my conquest” is both a mischaracterization and hurtful translation of simple request for someone attempting to initiate a respectful inquiry.

If its not “constructive” to them, why should they pay attention to it?

I pointed out the simple truth that if you do not provide answers that you must realize that men will go elsewhere and try methods that you do not approve of. It’s one thing to say they are on the wrong path, but if its the only path they are aware of they will likely take it anyways.

That’s Bad!
OK, what’s good?
Not my problem!

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