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Why do you have to appeal to them? 
Because you want something from them.

You can rant and rave about how unfair it is, but eventually you need to give someone a compelling reason to sacrifice something they have or supposedly have in order to make your life better.

People who feel threatened either cave in or resist. White guilt helped get Obama elected. White pragmatism ensured Hillary did not.

For the last 8+ years white folk have been fed a line about how they are going to be irrelevant, etc. None should be surprised that they decided to not buy into it or to actively work against it.

Let’s face it, the sales pitch of being dragged down in order to make someone else feel more equal is a crappy one.

So the question remains, what’s the motive for people to give you what you want? If you can’t give them one its less likely to happen. And if you give them a motive to work against you, you better learn to live with the results.

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