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Jun 5, 2016 · 1 min read

I agree the EEA Option is the only sensible should Britain vote to leave the EU. However, to go down that route is surely politically impossible when the EEA Option would not bring many of the benefits that Brexiteers, of many colours, are saying will materialise. Such as:

  • Free movement of people is a prerequisite of EEA Option (control immigration, #fail)
  • Those countries in the EEA still have to pay money to the EU (“£350m a week” (or in reality a lot less) saved to spend in the UK, #fail)
  • EEA countries have to abide by EU laws without having any say in drafting them (take back control of our laws, #fail)

Now it’s possible to argue that the question we are being asked to vote on is purely should we stay or leave, and not on which particular end-state, but when all those campaigning for Brexit say a post-Brexit UK would look like x, y, z I don’t see how they can politically survive if they don’t then work to deliver it.

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