2017 Is All About Going Native Advertising

Every so often a concept in advertising comes along that redefines the game. This occurs as a natural for selection due to the increased awareness of viewers becoming more attune to the ads they are presented. Within the last couple of years the concept of “Native Advertising” has stunned the market with grand results. Perhaps because it is a balance of form and function that allows viewers to enjoy the presented material rather than be disrupted by them.

Native advertising blends into the content the viewer has chosen to watch for informational or entertainment value. By seamlessly adding to that content the viewer’s attention is more constructive to receive the ad content alongside the initial content. Currently there exists three types of native advertisements.

  1. Social/In-feed these include the paid sponsor ads within social media platforms. They are posts to a larger audience than currently follows the page distributing them. Selecting an audience can be modified and targeted quite specifically to draw users to your company page without having them leave the same website or mobile app.
  2. Recommended Content refers to the numerous articles that are related to the content of the page the viewer is currently on. This is extremely useful in expounding further knowledge on a similar subject and re-using older materials.
  3. Paid Inclusion is the idea of paying other websites to post an article written by your company. Often times these resemble actual news articles and can have valid research facts but with the intent of being an ad in disguise.

The key to applying these forms of native advertising successfully is all about the smooth integration of this. Keeping it in a visual format that resembles the other content on the page is a must. Modern viewers have a constant suspicion of what an ad is a desire to avoid them. The trick isn’t always misleading the audience but more clearly informing them about the options they have. This can be done on a very simple scale like with the first two that merely suggest your company page and video or on a much grandeur scale as seen in the Super Bowl LI 2017 Tide commercial where Fox NFL announcer Terry Bradshaw begins the commercial within his announcer duties then follows an exaggerated tale where seeks the Tide brand product only to wind back up on live television at the end of the spot.

This year a lot more native advertising campaigns will be presented and the methodology will evolve as such. Planning where to post your videos to advertise or links to view your company videos on a social media platform depends on your target demographics. A lot of research placed into finding areas to advertise to these markets and the same amount of research should be applied to developing content that fits within these programs. This might mean creating temporary content that can only be used within a specific time-frame but you will see a greater impact and more profitable way of advertising.