Children’s Programming On YouTube Is In Charge

Those raised in the 20th Century have a closer connection to the television set than they do with their parents. It is at least practical to accept the hours of television viewing outnumbered the time spent bonding with family. In fact television was how most families from this era spent their time together. Our society was very critical of this but that philosophy has been drowned out by the advent of the internet. Modern people spend most of their days staring at high definition screens of some type. It surrounds our work, social lives and person entertainment time. This is no exception to young children as a toddler can figure out how to use an iPad before even walking. This exposure may even be a good thing but a basic principle that kids are the customers of the future has always been true.

Last year revealed the top channels on YouTube to have five of the top most viewed channels to be programming created specifically for kids. With two and a half billion views on the top five kids channels collectively and a slew more down the list kids are beginning to dominate as the largest demographic.

Three of these channels are actually toy review sites showing that children do still enjoy playing with physical objects very much. This is a double marketing whammy as the channels airing content can generate revenue as well as the toy sales themselves. It is quite wonderful to see how intelligent children have become to make decisions on a purchase (or wish list) based on practical reviews rather than peer pressure or content advertising. Some of these programs are presented by kids themselves making it an adorable experience for all.

While the revenue generated can be staggering the social media response is still weak on this. Perhaps social media platforms are not yet noticing the potential market for children. Nevertheless there should be an interest for your company to create content for children’s viewership before they become old enough to make purchases of their own. I must add the disclaimer that this applies to products of a more general nature and not age restricted products.

Tailoring your programming to this market does not necessarily mean content specifically for children but also acknowledging that parents are consumers for their kids. The idea is to make your ad general enough to fit into this category and open your viewership to anyone who may come across it.